30 January 2014

28 Sonnets Later III - Heroic Crowns

Hello all, and welcome back!

To catch up any newbies, here's what 28 Sonnets Later is all about:

In February 2012, four poets (myself, Leanne Moden, Russell J Turner, and Adam Warne) took it in turns to write a sonnet a day and post them up on this blog. We loved it. We also forgot that 2012 was a leap year, so we ended up writing 29.

To up the challenge, in February 2013, we wrote a Crown of Sonnets over the month. A crown of sonnets is where the last line of the first sonnet becomes the first of the second and so on, until the last line of the last sonnet is the same as the first of the first, and the whole thing goes full circle. This was even more fun, and really showed how we'd improved as poets over the intervening eleven months.

So what's the plan for this February? We're going to write two Heroic Crowns of Sonnets. This works like the crown above, but with the added rule that the final lines of each sonnet can be assembled into a fifteenth sonnet (or Wreath Sonnet, as we're calling it). Sound confusing? Well it is.

The great news is that you, the reader, don't have to worry about the rules too much – all you have to do is follow the blog here on blogspot, or on Twitter @28SonnetsLater, and feast on a sonnet a day to chase the blues away!