15 February 2013

#15 - Hope & Revolution

a satirical cartoon

She knew that she was free, and felt afraid,
her army job cut by those Tory bastards.
She took revenge. Through Downing Street she blasted
with machine gun, bazookad Osborne, sprayed
bullets at Gove, fed Pickles a grenade.
“I'm sorry!” cried Clegg as his brains were plastered
over the smarmy face of Dave. It lasted
until she thought the country surely saved.
But when the dark and acrid smoke had cleared,
when blood had ceased to splatter on the wall
and through the clouds bright sunlight reappeared
she saw the awful truth, she'd been a fool,
for in Dave's place now sat a grinning Ed.
Fuck it, she thought, and shot herself instead.


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