09 February 2013

#9 - a short pause, longer than a comma

the love that’s lost is love – that makes us strong
the love that’s lost is lost – that makes us weep
the loss that’s lov’d seems wrong – unless it’s sleep
who loves that loss seems deep – at least in song
who sings of love seems lost – but never wrong
who sings of loss is lov’d – but not so deep
who loses song is lost – tho’ singing’s cheap
who loses sleep is toss’d – who knows how long?
who knows he’s lost is bless’d – for he will find
who finds he’s bless’d is lov’d – for he is true
who’s true to love is kind – for it will show
who’s bless'd with love will know – yet he be blind
we see who’s love is blind – yet know not who
we see.
            whose love is blind?
                                           –  and sleep… who knows?


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