20 February 2016

#20 - shoot the girls and fuck the boys

…January 19th 1981…

I shoot the girls and fuck the boys ‒ my world
is bounded by ten thousand two-inch squares
of plasticated metaphor that share
their secrets slowly. Days and hours swirl
into my throat ‒ they choke me ‒ fingers curl
then stroke me. All the tree-bark shrouds I wear
are stripped away to leave me standing bare ‒
just naked, save for flowers, save for pearls.

I hide in plain sight, hunt with mirrors, while
the cold ash blankets memories of another;
the fire casts a shadow on my smile ‒
thighs spread, waiting for a faithless lover.

The sidewalk seems so very far below ‒
roll VTR, it’s time for me to go.


House #4 - Francesca Woodman

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