22 February 2016

#23 - Eww! (or Bath-etic)

As I lay steaming in this womb-like tub –
perusing Conan Doyle, and getting high –
I contemplate existence as I scrub-
Wait – what was that? Did something brush my thigh?

Oh fuck, that’s frogspawn, what’s that doing here?
I must have noticed, when I ran this bath;
did I, disrobing, blithely persevere
and clamber in regardless? What a gaffe!

What other horrors lurk within this flotsam?
A stickleback, perhaps? or pigeon feathers?
What fears torment me, lying in the buff!

Stop – think about it logically, dear Watson –
more likely, that stuff bobbing next your nethers
is clumps of your own belly button fluff…


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