29 February 2016

#29 – BONUS SONNET – Pareidolia

I think these sculptures look a bit like wonky faces...

Your face appears in everything I see:
from clouds to leaf prints pressed into cement.

Your image swirls in milky cups of tea
(unfair, as you're lactose intolerant).

Your lips, distended, on a piece of bronze;
a smear of lipstick on a serviette

and eyes in places no eyes should belong.
I know that we deserve just what we get

but, in my own defence, it wasn't me
who thought the paranormal would be cool,

and now you're trapped 'between the worlds' I see
it's worse than being stranded in Blackpool.

So, in conclusion, don't touch the occult,
unless you're a responsible adult. 


Barbara Hepworth - Family of Man

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