15 February 2017

#15 NotwhatIthoughtyou'dsay


I spent the day after Valentines Day
eating magic mushrooms in Croatia
with this dog called, 'notwhatIthoughtyou'dsay,'
don't ask me, I'm not the one who named her.

NotwhatIthoughtyou'dsay asked, “You OK?
'cause you've been staring at that ring all day,
and your eyes, well, they've turned a funny shade
not black, nor white, just a watery grey.”

“That's not what I thought she would say,” I said,
“that's not why I brought her here to Zagreb!
That's not the answer I had in my head!”

“Well fuck her!” NotwhatIthoughtyou'dsay, said,

“'cause it's blood, not love, pumping through your chest.”
“That's funny,” I said, “that's just what she said.”

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