27 February 2017

#27 And September Brings a Question

(The European theatre of World War II opened with the German invasion of Poland on Friday September 1, 1939 and the Soviet invasion of Poland on September 17, 1939.)

And September Brings a Question

And September brings a question of gold,
green and grey, minds struggle with gallantry.
Reckless are those boys with fight in their eyes
Uniformed for show, steel heeled, flippantly.

But June never came for innocent men
boys dressed up to glow, blood soon on their hands.
Death was a jerry can away, a fall
From frost bitten feet, tears on broken lands,

So tired they cry for the warmth of their home,
And those boys, friends whose names already fade.
The last leaves left on the branch, cold and clear
they will stay forever, trapped in the shade

where the trees grow now, in the homes they dug,
where they say, “the birds have never returned.”

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