09 February 2017

#9 - Vive

It made me peckish too

O land of garlic, frogs, and fine champagne;
of Charles the Mad, and lots of kings called Louis;
of Vercingetorix, and Charlemagne;
(and losing battles, Agincourterloo-ey).

Apologies – I know that’s not quite fair –
the punchline to that joke’s a little easy;
sometimes I can’t resist the laugh that’s there,
blasé to if it comes out cheap and cheesy.

I’ll make amends – I’ll praise your summer sun,
your joie de vivre, your connoisseur cuisine;
resistance to the Fascists, and Verdun,
and how you felled the Ancien Régime.
I’ll elegise all this (plus the Grands Prix)
if you’ll keep sending Camembert and Brie.