25 February 2017

#25 - Contramural

Symeon the Great was King of the Bulgars from 893 to 927 CE. 
He was a badass who wanted to be Emperor.
This little history lesson is messing up my formatting.
Plus ça change.

Once more unto the walls of Theodosius!
Perhaps this time they might come tumbling down!
Your army four miles wide (and quite ferocious)
must surely be enough to win the crown –
that diadem imperial, the prize
for which you dedicated each campaign –
and cut those haughty Byzantines to size?
So march! great Symeon, and march again!

Ah, sorry, dude... Just wait a little longer.
I’m sure a bit of patience wouldn’t hurt you –
these days it’s more than just a Christian virtue;
and dreams with patience only grow the stronger.
Wait long enough, and – if you’re reading this –
a flight to Istanbul’s a piece of piss.


By en:User:Bigdaddy1204 - Photograph taken in June 2006 in Istanbul by en:User:Bigdaddy1204. All credits go to him., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=880970
To be fair, that's pretty impressive.

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