18 February 2017

#18 - Myrornas Krig

Though everybody knows that ‘War is Futile’,
the phrase is still a fitting metaphor.
See, life is often dark and short and brutal,
and progress often flowers from discord.

It’s easy to observe the fighting factions
all writhing underneath the curving glass.
Their battle is a welcoming distraction;
there’s entertainment in their vain impasse.

Perhaps we’re all just ants encased in static,
our struggles silent flickers on a screen;
this sonnet has become a bit dramatic
so let me write exactly what I mean:

Sometimes the destination’s worth the ride
but are these battles ever justified?


Myrornas Krig means 'Ants War', and is the Swedish term for the static that appears on an analogue television screen when no program is broadcast.

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