07 February 2017

#7 Flowers in Odd Bunches

(In Luxembourg it's traditional to give flowers in odd bunches and their national motto is 'We want to remain what we are.') ( so says Wikipedia)

Flowers in Odd Bunches

I want to live in a little place, where they
like to give out flowers in odd bunches.
Trussed up neat, cut stems, the dew drop punches
of laughter, heckling the way they say,

'we want to remain what we are,' because
what we are is simply another day
spent circling around that dying star,
in our little fortress, cut stone and clay

of hands holding hands, calloused with age, time
and those, reckless, wanton, careless displays.
Two by two the animals went in, holding
their heads high, for to move is not a sin.

Cut ties, and see the walls tumble on in,
hold hands, and see the world break out and sing.


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