27 February 2018

#27 I Step, It's Done

Inspired by Robert Frost's 'The Road Not Taken'

I Step, It's Done

I'm ever this lost. Drowning in choices
like one way seems so right, the other, left.
Left out on the cliff edge, just dreams, bereft
lost breath, on tongue dead, beneath the voices.

Which way? I'm the adult now, so it counts.
Bathe in it, baby! Suck it in, sugar!
It's where the big boys live, where they linger
soft toys on a shelf, full of feathers, doubts.

Go the way the others do? In a box,
matched candles burnt out. A stub of a life
still showing, dripped past, going, like that knife
through that butter, that hen house and the fox.

Two paths take me home. Two paths. More than one.
I won't be back this way. I step. It's done.

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