25 February 2018

#25 - Farewell! farewell! but this I tell

Ancient Mariner, yeah? Frankly, if I have to explain this one,
you're probably on the wrong website.


   “Have you been stopping wedding guests again?
Ah, Dave, ya knobber! Sorry mate, he’s pissed –
he does this sometimes. Every now and then 
he gets all strange and- well, you got the gist. 
What was it this time? Grizzled Sailor, yeah?
Some supernatural yarn of salty weirdness?
Mate, don’t be fooled – ignore the crazy stare,
and this is fake – he’s actually quite beardless.
   The smell, I’m sad to say, is all his own,
the suit, as you can see’s had better days.
The tie, the shoes, the cufflinks, they’re all mine.
   I think he misses Julie, truth be known:
it's weddings kinda make him act this way,
but odd enough, at funerals he’s fine.”


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