03 February 2018

#3 A Reply From Bob (aka the Gruffalo)

Firstly, the wood ain't dark, the wood ain't deep
the mouse, he lied, 'cause the fox was asleep.
The snake was lonely, the owl, didn't know
he knew me as Bob, not the Gruffalo.

They weren't gonna eat him, thought he was lost
he just assumed it, he was judging us!
It's just typical of the bourgeoisie
think the worst if you live differently.

I'm not a 'creature' with terrible claws
terrible teeth in my terrible jaws.
There is no wart on the end of my nose
and my knees are straight and so are my toes.

I'm just a chap, and I live in the woods
the mouse stole my nuts, god those nuts were good.

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