01 February 2018

#1 - Damsons in Distress

After 'This Is Just To Say' by William Carlos Williams

As you awake at this, the break of day,
you may have sensed (perhaps with pricking thumbs,
or spousal intuition, who can say?)
that in the night, I had purloined your plums.

‘Twas I despoiled your petit dejeuner!
I’d spent the night imbibing all the rums,
as I espied them, succulent and fey –
when faced with such temptation: one succumbs.

But how to make amends for such rapacity?
Some dozen lines of liberated verse?
No, not a chance – I tend towards loquacity –
my mea culpas never shall be terse!

I’ll find the fridge, and magnetise upon it
this well-constructed, periphrastic sonnet.


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