26 February 2018

#26 - Breaking the Silence

After Gaddafi, Gaddafi, Gaddafi by Hannah Silva

The game is this: you must repeat aloud
the name of that which scares you most of all
coz silence leaves us in the devil’s thrall
and whispered words, with venom, are endowed.

The more I’m told to “shh!”, the more I shout
and chant your name until my voice is hoarse,
repeating till the words become divorced
from meaning and the fear has filtered out.

See, often times you’ll find the lines are blurred
between what others can and cannot bear;
to puncture power, we must speak the words
and say the things nobody wants to hear.

When secrecy is used to coax and threaten,
then words can wound - but only if we let them.


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