10 February 2018

#10 - Phenomenal Woman

After Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou 

Some people wonder where my secret lies –
I’m not a movie star, nymphet or muse –
how can my self-esteem be so damn high?
Subverting all the things they thought they knew.

I may not be a model but I’m proud;
there’s power in the roundness of my thighs.
I will not walk through life with my head bowed;
there’s strength within my hips and lips and eyes.

They try to pull me down, but still I rise;
they cannot bear resistance to their views:
“This confidence must be a crude disguise
and underneath she must hate herself too.”

I’ll stand my ground and dare to show my face,
redouble my resolve to take up space.

Maya Angelou (Source)

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