10 February 2015

#10 - Tastes Like Chicken

Old Keith has been a butcher all his life.
A man of sunken eyes and ample girth.
An expert with a sharpened carving knife.
His sausages laid out on AstroTurf.

Pork chops and turkey! Chicken wings! Spiced beef!
The fly trap on the wall glows neon blue.
But novelty is what compels our Keith –
He’s bored of this and wants to start anew.

So now, if Keith should find himself some rats,
Then those will end up in the mincer too.
He’s making mutton cuts from dogs and cats.
Lord only knows what’s hiding in the stew!

I’ve told the papers. No one wants to know,
Not when the price of meat has dropped so low!


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