28 February 2015

#28 - Epilogue

The dusk is wallowing in Buckley Park; 
the gentle glow of lamps in bungalows 
spills briefly out into the setting dark 
and then disperses as the curtains close. 
You trudge back past the pubs, the chippy by 
the bridge, young Billy fiercely fluffing rhymes. 
It's time, the boatman yells good-fucking-bye, 
to leave the town and all its hopes and crimes. 
It's far from perfect, but the best a town 
can do is grow a little every day, 
ignore the impish folk of Grimly Down, 
and hope that good intentions wash away 
the slime and sludge of any plans gone bad 
and leave the loving heart that's good and glad.


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