09 February 2015

#9 - Ancient Grudge

Two boozers, both alike in dignity: 
The Dog & Duck of course, and then The Crown – 
the source of Buckley’s sporting rivalries, 
as drinking men compete across the town. 
‘The Dogging Duckers’ always reign supreme 
at snooker, darts, bar billiards, whist and rugger; 
they’ve broken records with their football team – 
that Boycey is a nippy little bugger!
While ’Bella’s bar resounds with pops and fizzes, 
the drinkers at The Crown just scoff and snort 
that they, at least, win all the bloody quizzes, 
and cricket is a far superior sport. 
And always at the bar is Jones, the Parson, 
who hates all sport, and often thinks of arson.


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