17 February 2015

#17 - Bubastards

The Overlord of Buckley, undisputed:
Lord Geoffrey “Fluffy” Macintosh the Third.
Sadistic, clever, crazy – it’s reputed
he feasts upon the carcases of birds.
He roams around his manor with a sneer –
if any peasants dare to look his way,
he turns about and brandishes his rear,
as if a puckered feline arse could say:
M’wah-hah-haah! You fools! You servile clods!
Have you not worked out we’re the Master Race?
We rule your petty commonwealth like Gods!
Now take that stupid look from off your face:
Feed us! Bring us jewels! Change our litter!
We’ve got your Facebook – next we march on Twitter!


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