24 February 2015

#24 - Whose Finger Is Pointing?

A grisly tale is best for boosting sales. 
Reporters and their readers are both fond 
of news of gory deeds and grim details: 
His jawless head was floating in the pond! 
The Herald's Jo knows just the way to write 
about a body found in wheelie bins, 
the putrid stink of severed limbs, the sight 
of jutting bone, the sudden grasp of sins. 
We will not print this bunk! her boss insists 
and asks for stories from the Knit-a-thon. 
So off Jo slogs with notebook and clenched fist. 
The unrelenting stitching . . . and so on. 
The publicists know at May's Knitting Needles 
the Herald's never been too hard to wheedle.


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