05 February 2015

#5 - Circadian

By day, he’s Daniel Howard, choir boy:
a teenage cherub; spotless, squeaky-clean
appearance, shirt and specs pristine –
your mother would describe him as ‘a joy’.
’Most everywhere in Buckley would employ
him – so polite he is, and always keen
to help a stranger. Once, he met the Queen –
he’d knitted her a fluffy corgi toy.
By night, he’s Dr3dlØk-D: Ace Hacktivist,
requiting banks with D.O.S. attacks;
he’s on the FBI’s Most Wanted List;
Starbucks and Sony want him off their backs.
And when he sleeps (not much, for sleep is rare),
he dreams of Danton, and of Robespierre.


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