20 February 2015

#20 - A Dreadful Joke

On Monday morn, a jogger saw a leg 
half covered by a heap of leaves and sticks. 
Poor Daniel's brains were spilt like scrambled egg 
and by him lay a box of Weetabix. 
And next day at the butcher's, lardy Keith 
was found slumped on a stack of minty chops. 
His slopping guts were mingled with his beef 
and by him lay a box of Coco Pops. 
No clues to find. The killer isn't sloppy.
Police are baffled. Neighbours tremble. But 
down at the Herald, Jo submits her copy 
and tucks into a bowl of Crunchy Nut. 
With just a cleaver and a dreadful joke 
at last she's got her scoop in Buckley Oak.


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