16 February 2020

#16 - Fourteen Doors

In Greek mythology the Minotaur dwelt at the centre of the LabyrinthThis sonnet was directly inspired by the Jorge Luis Borges short story 'The House of Asterion'

My house is infinite, and all its gates
admit to every temple, street and strand
a model of the universe, a plan
of unremembered worlds which I create
for wanderers, that I might lift the weight
of evil from their hearts and from their hands
where bodies rest, to mark at my command
the tangled lines of geometric fate.

But now my own redeemer stands without
these countless walls as sunlight falls to shade,
his lover draws a thread to comfort me
and gently still all traces of self doubt.
The princess prays, the killer slips his blade
to cut the cord and finally set me free.


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