04 February 2020

#4 - The Waters of the World

Vritra is a Vedic serpent or dragon in Hinduism, the personification of drought and adversary of Indra

Vritra lay around the Indus curled
a serpent gaoler of the rivers' foam,
first-born of dragons on a rocky throne
till Indra's gleaming banners were unfurled.
The new-born king of heaven rose and hurled,
with Vishnu's help, a thunderbolt of bone
to break those nine and ninety forts of stone
which captive held the waters of the world.

But dragons rise and heroes fall and still
the waters of the world flow endlessly
for what you cannot catch you cannot kill,
and what you cannot kill is mystery
the rivers of the soul define free will,
which shapes the crooked course of history.


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