05 February 2020

#5 - The Devil Went Down To Heston

So I was supposed to write about the Monster of Glamis, but I got distracted by reading about Earl Beardie, so this came out instead. I am not at all sorry about that.

Oh man, I never cease to be amazed,
in all my dealings with your craven kind,
how worthlessly a human soul's appraised;
how heedlessly the gruesome pact is signed.
Some swap for youth and money power too;
the fleeting glories of a mortal coil.
Eternal youth's a common theme, that's true;
revenge; and pretty virgins to despoil. 

These bargains seem so frivolous to me:
a game of cards? A doughnut? What the Hell?
I find your aspirations so bizarre!
Except, of course, the strong desire to be
that worthy favoured of my clientele:
a fucking God at playing rock guitar.

This is totes how Jimmy Page got started.

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