01 February 2020

#1 - Monocular

Polyphemus  is the one-eyed giant son of Poseidon and Thoosa in Greek mythology, one of the Cyclopes described in Homer's Odyssey. His name means "abounding in songs and legends".

I used to see bright stars that circled round
this isle of mine. And then Nobody lied.
I used to watch the flock that roamed beside
the waves, protecting any strays I found.
I’d calmly shepherd them to higher ground,
to keep them safe from any rising tide.
I made my home where sea and earth collide –
a land of song and legend, light and sound.
And now I live in darkness, thanks to you –
blinded with nothing but a clumsy point.
For what? It cannot be Poseidon’s will
that shadow comes disguised as all that’s true!
You cannot be the one the Gods’ anoint!
You are Nobody: you lie to me still.


Get back in the sea, Odysseus.

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