17 February 2020

#17 - Fashion

Gori is a city in eastern Georgia, known (amongst other things) as the birthplace of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.
A journey, interrupted, West to East;
eyes alternate, waiting tides from both.
Fear the tales of unrestricted growth –
beware the visions of a promised feast.
We stand in foothills where the land is creased,
freely we give, and solemnly, our oath,
for those to come alone assay our troth:
forgive the song, but don’t forget the beast.
The man of steel prepares the bed of ice;
the cloth is cut, the pattern customary.
We measure once, but know the cut comes twice –
what’s past is prologue to the ever wary.
Our fathers keep the gardens inundated,
our sons define the story, never sated.

Blame Russell. He picked the topic.

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