21 February 2020

#21 - The Djinn and I

So there's a massive Wikipedia page all about Jinn for you to read, but I was up too late playing boardgames so I haven't.

A thousand thanks for freeing me this day –
                No worries, mate! I’m happy to assist!
Don’t even ask what trapped me there, ok?
                I had some questions – but, if you insist…
I *s’pose* you’ll want some recompense or fee?
                Tradition holds that wishes would be meet.
How very novel. Fine – I’ll grant you three.
                Oh awesomesauce! Man, this is gon’ be sweet!

                I wish my friends and family health and laughter.
Okay, they’re fit as fiddles, filled with LOLs.
                I’d like a modest house – but in the sun.
Fine – here’s a Roman villa, much sought-after.
                I want to rid the internet of trolls.
Ah, sorry mate. You know that can’t be done.

After the first few centuries, it must start to get claustrophobic.

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