24 February 2020

#24 - Call Me Rita

The Kraken is a legendary giant sea monster in Scandinavian folklore. In reality, it is deeply misunderstood...

Impersonating islands is my game,
according to the sombre lays of doom
my nostrils sit like caves upon the main,
enticing sailors to an icy tomb.

If that's a game, then it's not very good
who uses nostrils for nefarious ends?
Like many who have been misunderstood,
I've only ever wanted to make friends.

My list of names runs like a dreary jig
hafgufa, sea-mist, crab-fish, twisted one
but you can call me anything you dig,
as long as we have wild aquatic fun.

While fishes frolic on the foamy brine,
come waltz with me we'll have a Kraken time!


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