05 February 2012

Desire Lines

A desire line is a path developed by erosion caused by footfall. 
The width and amount of erosion of the line represents 
the amount of demand.

Ah, the Trochee! With impulsive foot, he
Wheels and dances through the poem’s meter,
Like the hashtag to the constant tweeter.
Rolling down his rambling, unstressed route, we
Follow, ev’ry line. He’s never snooty –
Never smug like often other feet are.
(Plus, I find trochaic verse the sweeter,
When I crave my poems somewhat fruity).
If, now and then, the Iamb comes along,
And stamps his feet all over Trochee’s song,
With marching like a legion from its camp,
To crush resistance to his martial tramp,
Trochee bides his time, still undiminished:
Dancing one more twist before he’s finished.

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