14 February 2012

Take Me Out

After all these beautiful, cerebral poems, I thought it my duty to lower the tone. So here is a sonnet about the popular ITV game show/ Blind Date rip-off: Take Me Out. Happy Valentine's Day!

Love child of Fifteen to One and Blind Date.
Posh frocks and heels; teeth and tans shining brightly
And peacocking boys in blue jeans cut so tightly.
The girls crowd like vultures. Decide one man's fate.
Lined up like cattle for choosing, they wait.
Feminism's come far! No likely no lighty!
What biscuit you'd be is no measure of psyche.
All desperately single, all longing for dates.
And, though I know that it's tawdry and trashy,
I still cried when Lucy – at last – got a man.
Cheap TV format draped with lighting so flashy
And these days, you've got to find love where you can.
I've tried going cold turkey, I can't break the habit
It's so bad it's good! So let the dog see the rabbit!


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