22 February 2012

Shipping Forecast

Try as I may and try as I might
I've never been able to understand
(Being, as I am, a lubber of land)
Those opaque predictions of oceans at night.
I don't know my Dogger or Tyne from my Wight,
My Faeroes from Forties, my Forth from Iceland.
And this backing and veering is quite out of hand!
Can anyone here offer me an insight?
The predictions themselves are so vague and obscure
That to follow the forecast just seems a bit risky.
It can't be both good and occasionally poor!
How long is rain 'for a time' in Fisher and Biscay?
I don't think they'd be more precise if they could,
Make up your minds! Is it moderate or good?



1 comment:

  1. Excellent! Though - for me,the forecast is an ongoing poem in itself,love listening to it -
    Hey - Is this the same Leanne of a "State of Mind" former incarnation?
    If so:"Hi" (again);If not:"Hi" (anyway). JWB