17 February 2012

Not Alone In The Dark

They snuff the streetlights early ‘round this way;
Illumination’s rationed to those routes –
The widened ones, the easy ones, the clay
So trampled by a million deadened boots,
Who pass, downcast, at break and end of day,
From A to B with obdurate commutes,
For those who wander may be led astray,
To grope and fumble to new, dark pursuits.
For me, the unknown darkness holds no fear –
I seek it out, investigate, and peer
Into intriguing corners as I wend,
With certainty I’ll always find a friend,
For I have stellar company to guide me:
The lanternarii of old beside me.


1 comment:

  1. Neatly put sir - thank you.
    If we were not so different -
    I'd call you soul-mate
    (on this one anyway) jwb