21 February 2012

L.S.E. 1814

I despair at the level of my historical geekery.

The shout goes up: “Napoleon is dead!”
From inn to inn, as fast as news can fly.
The Earth – not overbold – emits a sigh:
Relief and Hope for days of Peace ahead.
And all because a man in green or red
(Depending on the witness and the eye)
Can hype the price of Omnium to buy,
And profit when the country is misled.
A hero’s spurs were broken for this crime,
His banner trampled through Westminster’s doors:
Just one more loud Reformer doing time.
Although he had preserved Britannia’s shores
For years – Le Loup des Mers had won his glories –
His greatest foe turned out to be the Tories.


Things as they have been. Things as they now are.

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