29 February 2012


14 discrete lines from Don Juan, rearranged into a sonnet.

This goes out to my three fellow sonneteers, 
and to Luke and his newest baby.

As true as Truth has ever been of late,
If not in Poetry, at least in fact –
For too much truth, at first sight, ne’er attracts;
Perhaps it may be follow’d by the great?
An Art on which the artists greatly vary
Is Poesy, according as the mind glows,
But even this is difficult, Heaven knows,
Unless it were to be a moment merry.
But words are things, and a small drop of ink
And feeling, in a poet, is the source;
But great things spring from little:- Would you think
‘Kiss’ rhymes to ‘Bliss’ in fact as well as verse –
But spoil (I think) a very pretty poem
Just now, – but by and by the Truth will show ‘em…

AB (& LB)

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