26 February 2019

#26 - Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

Alice Bradley Sheldon (1915 - 1987) - science fiction author

"I know goddam well what's out there, under all those masks. Beauty and Power and Terror and Love."

And I awoke and found me here alone
still dreaming on this gleaming alien shore,
compelled to document and to explore
the monuments and signs of the unknown
where love is love, on winds of whimsy blown,
where love decides exactly what love's for,
where love is hope and fear and peace and war,
where love abides, so many years from home.

Decipher me with someone else's creed,
project on me the prejudice you hide,
embody me with myths on which you feed
the grizzled veteran and the modest bride.
Give me a gun to kill the one I need,
then lay me down upon the cold hill's side.


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