12 February 2019

#12 - Earl Grey (Not the Tea!)

Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey (1764 – 1845) - politician

I’ve never been the kind of man to brag 
but my career was something to applaud!
I led the House of Commons and the Lords
(at separate times) and if that’s not your bag, 

I changed the way that parliament’s elected 
and helped abolish slavery as well;
in all my years in office I perfected
an oratory style unparalleled. 

Despite these feats, I fear my legacy
has been reduced to such bromidic fluff:
I’m just the bloke whose name is on the tea 
despite the fact I loathe the bloody stuff! 

But can one litigate when one’s a ghost?
I’ll send Twinings my grievance in the post. 


Grey circa 1820

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