19 February 2019

#19 - The Sun On The Waves

Gráinne Ní Mháille (aka Grace O’Malley) – ‘The Pirate Queen’ (c.1530 – c.1603)

If only I could write Queen Grace a song,
A chant to fill the lungs and swell the sail.
To pin her to a sonnet seems quite wrong –
O’Malley versus English rules? They’ll fail.

This “nurse to all rebellions in the province”
Could most politely be called ‘combative’.
As bare-faced with a priest as with a prince,
She had precisely zero fucks to give.

So hoist the sheets and hoist your flagons high,
And drink to Grace the Bald, the Bold, the Queen;
Three score and ten, still letting bullets fly –
The most audacious pirate ever seen.

To know her is to marvel, and feel blessed;
Her legend still lives on, without arrest.


Grace O’Malley, kicking arse and probably not bothering with names.

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