13 February 2019

#13 - Specifics

Anna Komnene (1083 – 1153CE), Byzantine princess, scholar and historian.

You’re dressed as a Crusader, are you? Sweet.
Pray tell me, English, which one is your fave?
The one where good king Richard was so brave?
The Third one then, that ended in defeat –
a weeping lion in the desert heat.
Perhaps the one when boys who couldn’t shave
marched in their thousands to an early grave?
Or maybe when that huge Venetian fleet
besieged Constantinople for a year?
Is that the one that brings you hearty cheer?
Or maybe you’re a moron, drunk and dumb,
who dresses ‘wacky’ in the name of ‘fun’ –
appropriating iconography,
without a clue about the history.


If only Richard I had thought to take a Spitfire...

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