24 February 2019

#24 - Tears of a Clown

Joseph Grimaldi (1778-1837) English actor, comedian and dancer.

A clown is meant to be a cheerful fool,
distracting guests from every plague and plight,
but usually we’re gloomy, as a rule:
I’m Grim-all-day, though I may smile at night.

The painted grin is just a crude disguise
to camouflage the turmoil underneath.
Look closely and you’ll see the saddest eyes –
a man who’s drained of all his self-belief.

I can't escape the howling in my head
but what else can I do? I am so old.
I’ve acted here for years, it’s all I know.

A smiling harlequin in white and red
and when I’m not on stage, I feel so cold.
The show must go on! So, on with the show!


Joseph Grimaldi and Joey the Clown 

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