25 February 2019

#25 - Beyond

Laurence Michael Dillon (1915 -1962) was a British physician and the first trans man to undergo phalloplasty

Right. “Where the mind cannot be made to fit,
the body should be made to fit the mind.”
Now that’s a quote (abridged, as I’m confined
by metric form) that made me think a bit.
For, as an aging man with budding tits,
expanding gut, to walking sticks resigned,
my brain is asking to be reassigned –
a body closer to a young Brad Pitt’s.
So kids – take care. I’ll close this month of rhyme
(it’s been a blast as always – Hello Fay!)
by thanking you, dear readers, for your time,
and leave myself just two more lines to say:
be thankful for each day of health you’ve had,
and don’t forget to exercise a tad.


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