16 February 2019

#16 - Sweet Peas

Peter Kropotkin (1842–1921) Russian revolutionary and philosopher

Oi, Galton, you relentless fucking twat,
This Social Darwinism is a con!
You’ve had your fun, but now I smell a rat –
Your competition theory is all wrong.

Cooperation is the way to thrive,
A concept that you don’t seem to confront.
So, sod off with this ‘man’s combative drive’!
Coz property is theft, you fucking cunt!

Injustice can be fought with conflict, sure,
But conflict’s not the impetus for change.
Anarcho-communism is the cure –
Let’s tear the State apart and re-engage!

So, join a commune, grow your own sweet peas!
And quit with the eugenics, Galton, please?


1 comment:

  1. A fantastic poem from a very unpromising subject. Made me laugh out loud. Any poem which enables you to call Francis Galton a twat and a fucking cunt and to advocate on behalf of anarcho-communist gardening is worthy of high praise indeed! Well done