16 February 2019

#15 - Self Portrait

I stand before you - three foot one of pride
And stubbornness - been like this since day one.
My statureʼs never something I denied
And though Iʼve strived and lost, Iʼll swear Iʼve won.

Iʼve travelled green roads through this country fair,
Seen England from the backside of a tent.
And though I dazzled all who stopped to stare,
It took a man to beckon my ascent.

Now Iʼve outlined both great and small with smiles,
As much at home with royalty as churls;
With everything Iʼve gained across the miles
I owe so much of this to Dukes and Earls.

The medals, gawps, and namechecks you can keep
Iʼve strength and hard-won hues to wrap my sleep.


Miniature of Sarah Biffen, painted by herself.
Using her mouth.

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