21 February 2019

#21 - Legacy, Part II

Julia Maesa (c160 - c. 224 CE) sister-in-law to an emperor, aunt to two emperors, grandmother to two more. How we define women by their relationships to men!

I hear ya, Cecily – though I’ll say this:
I had two daughters (gave them both my name),
and they both married worthy men of fame
(as – on the subject – did my little sis).
They all had sons – the dynasty prolonged;
I spoiled those children (as a Grandma’s prone):
and placed them, lovingly, where they belonged –
as Emperors, upon a regal throne.
This family’s mine – the Empire by extension –
these young ‘uns worship me as matriarch.
Now I have all the power (and the pension) –
so hear my wisdom, Cecily, and mark:
you’re quite correct – yes, having girls is great –
but boys are easier to manipulate.


I've got a mate who can sell you one of these.

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