09 February 2019

#9 - Sacerdotal

John Peel (1939 –2004) disc jockey, radio presenter, record producer, and journalist.

I see the fans, the proper music fans –
who lose themselves in harmony and song;
who find nirvana in the blissful throng;
who fill their lives with soundtracks of romance.
I watch them at the festivals, askance,
who worship in their thousands, arms aloft;
who consecrate with cheers these blessed crofts –
arenas of devotion, joy, and dance.
I envy them. I do. I often do.
Against this force, what hope might poesy dare –
reclusive, at the fringes, unenjoyed?
just to endure and bide, intentions true:
the beat of heart, the single breath of air;
the splash of ink, the voice from out the void.


You're right. It wasn't really about him at all.

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