05 February 2019

#5 - Clarion

Princess Pingyang , 598-623CE was the daughter of Li Yuan, the founding emperor of the Tang dynasty. She helped him take over the throne from Sui dynasty by organizing an "Army of the Lady", commanded by herself.

I’m the biggest fucking badass in the land;
I shock and awe the Empire of the Sun.
I’m desecrating dynasties by hand,
don’t need no stinking dude to get it done.
This Army of the Lady I command
is tearing up your territories for fun;
you motherfuckers better understand:
a daughter’s way more deadly than a son.
So maybe show a little damn respect 
a movie of my life is overdue!
I’ve paid the piper, now I will collect
acknowledgement and reverence from you.
So fear the Princess from the working class,
and shove that fucking Mulan up your ass.


Not actual footage

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