16 February 2021

#16 - Between Our Hips

 In Māori mythology, at the beginning of the world, the sky and the earth embraced so tightly that not even time or light could pass between them. It was only when their children separated them that the world as we know it was formed. 

Between Our Hips 

Our corresponding shapes are so aligned,
no light or time may slip between our hips. 
Our limbs and vital spirits intertwined;
I taste your breath, like salt air, on my lips.

Our puzzle pattern bodies interlace,
as eons pass and we maintain our hold.
A beautiful, perennial embrace.  
A cosmic cuddle, keeping out the cold. 

But each beginning must foretell its end 
and even ecstasy is mutable.
Despite our fealty, we must both transcend 
and find positions less inscrutable.

Although it hurts to be apart, we’ll try. 
I’ll be the earth and you can be the sky.


Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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